Solutions+ have successfully worked within the wine industry in South Australia. With the surge in the wine industry both nationally and globally, many wineries are growing at a rapid rate with increasing facility and human resource requirements. Some of the requests include optimisation over every aspect of the business from manufacturing and order processing to distribution and accounting.
This process requires a holistic approach to understand the problems met by wineries, any challenges and roadblocks and to provide a solution.

Solutions+ have been in business and servicing the South Australian wine industry with SAP Business One. We’ve seen wineries develop through their growth stage utilising our affordable, scalable small business software.


The areas wineries have difficulties in include:

  • Inaccurate data

  • Systems cannot track business processes

  • Systems cannot interact with one another

  • Inability to access data when away from the office

  • Redundant data

Having a single system helps to overcome these challenges, which tend to build in growing businesses. We assist in wineries to gain control over the whole process.


SAP Business One covers your small and midsize company’s needs, through:

  • Financial management and WET

  • Sales and customer management

  • Purchasing, grape levy and warehouse control

  • Integration customisation

  • Product costing and wine-making management

  • Dashboards, reporting and business intelligence

  • Automation and decision-making

  • POS


  • Staff feel the system may be too hard to learn and training

  • Objections on how adaptable the software will be for the future


  • SAP software is very logical and a user-friendly system

  • There is an SAP Business One to suit businesses needs now and into the future

  • SAP Business One can be deployed through the Cloud

  • The sales team may be mobilised through SAP Business One mobile apps

  • On-premise application within the office

  • Solutions+ will implement the Software platform that will support business growth well into the future

  • Solutions+ has appointed Project Manager’s to lead the wineries implementation team and assist with training requirements