Every industry has its own business processes, requirements and challenges. That’s why we offer a range of solutions designed specifically for wineries and can customise SAP Business One software specifically for your needs.


Key challenges in wineries include WET tax management, manual data entry and inaccurate data. This can limit the growth opportunity of the winery as too much time is spent on manual work and the lack of real time information makes decision making harder. In addition, with an increased focus on marketing, utilising customer data has become a significant priority in winery marketing campaigns.

Solutions+ has a specialised winery setup of SAP Business One. It’s affordable and easy to use – and the team at Solutions+ can tailor the software to fit every aspect of your business.


SAP Business One can help you:

  • Manage WET tax – ensure correct WET is calculated regardless the type of sale. Get full transparency and easy access to reconcile the WET

  • Achieve 100% integration of all your data and processes – e.g. integration with eCommerce platforms, MailChimp or personalised marketing solutions and automatic notification to freight forwarders

  • Gain a complete overview via a Relationship Map of your entire order processes

  • Manage your bulk wine costs and link to WIP regardless if you purchase grapes and require levy calculation or add costs to the grapes while they are growing. In addition, SAP Business One can manage your dry goods and notify you when you need to reorder goods based on minimum stock level, existing orders and when you plan to use current stock

  • Improve inventory management through multiple warehouse and location control to reduce waste, paperwork and shipping errors, e.g. through the use of Pick Pack Manager

  • Access real-time costing, analysis and finance controlling operations

  • Improve profit margins and gain insight into your true expenses

  • Enable data driven decisions – including real-time and accurate information


Our team can create a configurable, adaptable and scalable solution that’s easily set up and integrates seamlessly with existing software. SAP Business One is designed to grow with your winery, so your software remains “future-proof” as your winery’s needs change.